Colloquium Best Practices

We will be using Zoom for these colloquia.

  • Shortly before you present, you will receive access to the shared Zoom link. The link to the room will be made public here and on the Colloquium Twitter account.

Feel free to present material exactly as you would in a traditional conference, or in a more informal manner – bear in mind the public-facing nature of this “colloquium” series, and how the listeners might be different from the audience of a traditional academic conference.

Before your presentation, briefly introduce yourself and contextualize your work – what conference was this for, how should virtual attendees hear and contextualize this work?

Share your slides by clicking the green arrow “Share” button.

  • While you can choose to share your whole screen, we recommend sharing only your presentation file. Within Zoom, you have the capacity to annotate your slides.
  • You can play audio in another application without switching away from your slides; if you want to share another visual file, you need to stop and re-start sharing with the new file.

If you will be playing audio/musical examples, be sure that “Share computer sound” is toggled on on the “Share” menu.

  • Viewers will be able to hear your voice through your computer mic, but any audio you play will be broadcast directly, rather than through your own speakers/mic.

Other participants will be muted by default, until the Q&A.

If you would like to share the text of your paper, or slides, you can upload them here.

Feel free to direct any other questions to Will Robin and Paula Harper.