Colloquium Listings

Weekdays at 4pm Eastern. Zoom link here.

  • You will not need a Zoom account to participate as a viewer, but you will need to download and install the Zoom application.
  • Non-presenters will be default muted during the colloquia – we will experiment with different Q&A formats over the first few colloquia.



4/6Gabrielle Cornish“Perestroika’s Noisy Bodies”@gcornish91
4/7Gillian Gower“The Passion of Miley Cyrus: Medievalism as Pop Feminism in ‘Mother’s Daughter’ “@medievaliste
4/8Anne Levitsky“‘La rana e-l rossinhols’: Interactions between Human and Animal Voices in Troubadour Song”@alevitskmusic
4/9Andrew Chung“Music of New World Coloniality Is Music of The Anthropocene”@prof_ajchung
4/10Andy Jarema“Leveling Up The Symphony Orchestra: Andrew Norman’s Play and Video Game Narrative Structure”


3/17Will Robin“Bang on a Can and New Music America: Competing Festival Visions for Contemporary Music.”@seatedovation
3/18Trevor R Nelson“‘What D’You Mean Saint George Was A Turk?’: Britishness, Brexit, _Englistan_@TrevorRNelson
3/19Jane Mathieu“Armed with Tin Pans and Flags of All Sizes”: Songs of Belonging in the Streets of the Immigrant City, 1912@janekmathieu
3/20Micaela BaranelloSpace Opera: Alienation Effects in Sci-Fi Regietheater@zerbinettasblog
Samuel J. Brannon“Books of Good Omen Should Be Decked with Such Things as These”: Customizations to Renaissance Music Books as Evidence of Reader Engagement
3/24Martin RossListening to a Gradual Process: Gesture in Steve Reich’s ‘Melodica’
3/25Joanne Wong Musical Narrative in BTS’ “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”
3/26Stewart DuncanThe Role of Choral Music in British Diplomacy, 1934-1939: The British Council and National Identity Abroad@stewart_duncan
3/27Liz Wollman and Trudi Wright“The Best of All Possible Worlds: Teaching Musicals in a Time of Crisis”@elizwollman
3/30Elena Arredondo Farel
“Sissieretta Jones and Performing the Prima Donna”
Eva Moreda Rodriguez“From notation to stage to recording in Spanish zarzuela, 1896-1958”@NotationIsGreat
4/1Austin T. Richey“Re-Sounding Detroit: Afrikan Griots and Sonic Afro-Modernity”
4/2Jake Cohen“Symphony Hall, the ‘Back Bay Wastes,’ and the Changing Cultural Geography of Fin-de-siècle Boston”@musicolojake
4/3Robin James” ‘You Need To Calm Down!’: The political economy of ‘chill’ in contemporary popular music”@doctaj

Presenters have been invited to share the text of their papers or slides here.